This site contains a collection of digital images of the Grand Teton National Park Summit Register Archive. The summit registers were maintained from about the late-1920s into the 1980s and they form a unique repository of Teton climbing history.

This collection is arranged by chronological order under the specific peak name. It is a complete record of all the entries that were preserved. Although a number of records have been lost or destroyed, it is generally true that any missing years or gaps in the sequence occurred because the entries never existed in the first place. For example, early season climbs often went unrecorded because the registers were buried in snow.

The images of the summit registers were made by Paul Horton as part of a project to organize the original pages and preserve them in archival sleeves. The collection is kept at Park Headquarters at Moose, Wyoming. Its existence is due to the ongoing efforts of generations of Grand Teton National Park Rangers and other Teton mountaineers. In particular, Leigh Ortenburger performed a substantial amount of voluntary archive work in past years. Rangers Dan Burgette and Renny Jackson provided considerable aid to this preservation project.

Paul Horton

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